Academy of Business and Administrative Sciences


2007 International Conference

XVII International Conference
Troyes, France:
June 9-11, 2007
Submission Deadline

March 15, 2007

Number of Visitors since November 29, 06:
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Academy of Business & Administrative Sciences, which pioneered International Conferencing on the theme of Emerging Economies over the last 8 years, is pleased to announce its summer 2007 conference at an international destination that offers a stunning mix of cultural heritage, economic development, and ambience.

The 2007 International Conference of the Academy of Business and Administrative Sciences will bring together leaders and scholars from business, academia, and government from all over the world---both the developed and developing economies---to discuss and share ideas and to work together to meet the challenges of their respective disciplines and of the emerging world order.


Troyes, France [June 9-June 11, 2007]:  The XVII International Conference, to be held June 9-11, 2007, will be hosted by Groupe ESC Troyes, one of France’s leading Institutions of Higher Education in Management.   Rich in art, history, medieval architecture and located about 150 Km from Paris, Troyes can boast of all the facilities of a major commercial city even while maintaing an easy-going lifestyle, a vibrant cultural and artistic life and numerous sporting events including musical festivals, vintage car rallies.


A variety of accommodations fitting all budgets are available in Troyes.  Please consult your travel agent or the Internet for accommodations meeting  your special needs . 

The conference will be conducted in English.

Proposals for presentations, panel symposia, and teaching and research workshops are invited in the following eighteen broad subject categories.  Related topics will also be considered.    Proposals with a special focus on Emerging Economies are especially encouraged. 


[01]    Management [including General Management, International Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Organizational Science]

[02]    International Business 

[03]    Management Science

[04]    Finance

[05]    Management Information Systems,  Computer Information Systems, Information Science

[06]    Marketing

[07]    Accounting

[08]    Economics

[09]    Research Methods

[10]    Healthcare Management & Hospital      Administration

[11]    Public Administration

[12]    Business Law

[13]    Production/Operations Management

[14]    Allied Disciplines

[15]    Academic Administration, Reflections   on life in Academe

[16]    Hospitality Management

[17]    E-Commerce, Information Technology

[18]    Teaching and Learning

Presentations are scheduled for 25 minutes including discussion and must be made by an individual speaker.  Panel symposia are three or more related presentations by different speakers and must be proposed by the lead speaker.   In the case of presentations involving a significant experiential component, a workshop proposal would be appropriate.

of a proposal implies a commitment to register for and attend the Conference. The maximum number of roles (as presenter, author, session chair, or symposium panelist) for any given individual is three.

Prospective speakers for the conference are invited to send: (a) two typed copies of the Abstract Submission Form for the appropriate conference (b) a brief biographical sketch not exceeding two pages per person, and (c) a check, money order or a bank draft for US$100 abstract fee payable to The Academy of Business and Administrative Sciences.    The abstract fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and will be applied toward the lead presenter's conference registration fee for all accepted proposals.  In the event the proposal is not accepted for the conference, the abstract fee will be returned.


Abstracts may be submitted online or by downloading and mailing the completed abstract submission form. If additional forms are needed, a photocopy of the form may be used.  The abstract should provide a clear statement of the major points to be made in the presentation, panel symposium, or workshop and must be received by February 28, 2007 for all the conferences.

Overhead projectors and screens and flip charts with markers will be provided in all conference sessions.   Other specialized equipment, if any (such as PC projectors, Slide Projectors) will be arranged at the presenter's expense subject to availability provided a request is made in writing at the time of submission of the proposal.

If you are interested in participating as a session chair, please contact the Program Chair during March 15-25, 2007. 


Miguel A.  Asomoza
Reynosa Technologic Institute (ITR), Mexico 

José G.  Cervantes
Reynosa Technologic Institute (ITR), Mexico 

Emmanuel Chekwa
Miles College, Birmingham USA 

Rosalind Chew
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 

Breena Coates
San Diego State University, USA 

Z.S.  Demirdjian
California State University, USA 

Robert Dinnen
Fort Cherry School District

Ylva Fältholm
Luleå University of Technology, Sweden 

Jeffrey L. Groh
U.S. Army War College

Raymond Jordan
IBM Deutschland GmbH, Germany

John E. Michaels
California University of Pennsylvania, USA

John J.  Newhouse
St.  John’s University, USA 

John Odgers
RMIT University, Australia 

John Okpara
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Ginta Palubinskas
George Mason University

K.  S.  P.  Rao
Anna University, Chennai, India 

N.  Ramachandran
Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand 

Meenakshi Rishi
Seattle University,  USA

Paul Styger
Potchefstroom Christian Higher Education, South Africa 

Gregory S.  Winter
Barry University, USA 

Theodore S.  Woodruff
St.  Ambrose University, USA 

Dariusz Zarzecki
University of Szczecin, Poland 


Registration Type Must be Received by Amount
Early Bird Registration April 15, 2007 US$395
Regular Registration May 1, 2007 US$455
Late Registration After May 15, 2007 US$495

Full-time students qualify for a reduction of US$50 in the above schedule of registration fee upon production of appropriate documentation certified by the Head of the Department or the Dean.   

The registration fee is per person and will cover:

Banquet Dinner, to be held on the last day of the conference, is not included and will cost an additional US$79 if paid along with registration (or US$89, if paid separately, or at site

Registration forms for the conferences may be downloaded from here (Troyes).

Banquet Dinner, to be held on the last day of the conference, is not included and will cost an additional US$79 if paid along with registration (or US$89, if paid separately, or at site]. 

Spouse/companion registration is available on payment of an additional fee as specified in the registration form for the relevant conference.   

ABAS reserves the right to cancel or to make substitutions for one or more meal events in the event of unforeseen exigencies. 

All attendees, including presenters of invited as well contributed papers, speakers, panel symposia participants, and session chairs must register and pay the registration fee.

All cancellations after fees have been paid will result in a cancellation fee of US$200.  Cancellation requests received after May 1, 2007 will be processed after the conference.


Remittances to ABAS toward abstract submission fee and/or registration fee should be normally made by means of a check or bank draft in the correct amount drawn on any bank in the U.S. and made payable to the Academy of Business & Administrative Sciences.  Credit cards cannot be accepted.   Delegates from some countries may find the following alternative modes of remittance more cost-effective and/or expedient:   (a) Inter-Bank Wire Transfer involving an additional charge of US$25 to cover handling charges.  Details for wire transfer will be provided upon request.  (b) Dollar Traveler Checks: Remittances may also be made by US Dollar Travelers' Checks duly endorsed to the Academy of Business & Administrative Sciences, countersigned and sent by Registered Mail. 


Accepted and presented papers will be eligible for inclusion in the Electronic Proceedings of 2007 ABAS International Conference to be composed and maintained at the conference web site.  In order to be included in the Electronic Proceedings, full papers must be prepared and submitted strictly according to the instructions to be made available via the Conference web site by February 15, 2007.  Deadline for receipt of full papers for inclusion in the Electronic Proceedings is August 15, 2007.  Late submissions will not be accepted. 

The web site for the Electronic Proceedings is expected to be ready by August 1, 2007.  There will be no hard-copy proceedings.


Participants will have an opportunity of publication of their papers in print or in electronic form. Full papers presented at the conference may be submitted for publication consideration in the Transylvania Review of Administrative Sciences , a journal edited by the Public Administration Department at Babes-Bolyai University!English/homeEN.html. Although it is possible for potential authors to submit papers directly to the journal, full papers presented at one of the ABAS 2007 International Conferences will will receive fast-track consideration for review and communication of a decision.  Full papers for this consideration must be received by the Primary Local Liaison in Romania no later than August 1, 2007.  Instructions for submission under this arrangement willl be provided by the Program Chair upon receipt of registration fee for accepted papers.

Web-site for 2007 ABAS International Conference can be accessed at

Conference Registration Forms may be downloaded from the web-site.  Final program as well as updates, if any will be posted on the conference web-site.  Information and updates provided on the conference web site will supersede the printed brochure.

ABAS cannot accept any responsibility or liability for losses or damages of any type to conference delegates or their companions either during or as a direct or indirect result of the conference.   All delegates and companions are advised to check their own personal insurance provisions and obtain any additional coverages as desired.Please consult your travel agent and the Department of State travel advisory at for proper advice and guidance on international travel to your destination.


Submission Instructions:

Abstracts may be submitted online or sent in by mail.

To submit your abstract using our online form, click here
To mail in your abstract, click here for a downloadable form or copy and paste the form below in a word document




Mail this form with US $100 Abstract fee payable to Academy of Business and Administrative Sciences to:

Dr. A. R. Korukonda
Program Chair, ABAS 2007 International Conference
P.O. Box 732
Bloomsburg, PA 17815-0732

Phones: (570) 389-4773; (570) 275-5301
Fax: (570) 389-2071 [or] 570-389-3892
E-mail: [or]

[Note: Courier mail may be addressed to:  Attn: Dr. A.R. Korukonda, Program Chair, ABAS 2007 International Conference, Room 247 Sutliff Hall, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, 400 East Second Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815, USA]


.Submit two typed copies of this form along with the abstract fee.

.The abstract fee must be paid by a check or a bank draft drawn on any bank in the U.S. and made payable to the Academy of Business & Administrative Sciences.  

.Credit cards cannot be accepted.   For information on alternative modes of remittance, please refer to the appropriate section of this announcement. 

____________________________________________________________________________________________Troyes, ___ Troyes, FranceJune 9-June 11, 2007



Proposal for: _ Presentation _ Panel Symposium _ Workshop

(Please check the appropriate box.)

Subject Code: [     ] based on the classification in this announcement.  

In the case of proposals involving multiple speakers, please provide details of the lead speaker here and attach an extra sheet containing information about the remaining speakers.  Please note that all presenters must individually register for the conference.)




Address:  _________________________________________________________________________________


Telephone:____________________________________ Fax:________________________________________


Title of Presentation/Panel Symposium/ Workshop:


ABSTRACT (in no more than 150 words)


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